The Procrastination Epidemic

Are you tired of watching deadlines creep up while your to-do list remains
untouched? Do you constantly put off important tasks, only to feel
stressed and overwhelmed later?

Procrastination is unnecessarily postponing decisions or actions such as
paying the bills, doing the dishes, completing a proposal, making phone
calls you have had on your to-call list for weeks, and so much more!

We can make more lists, even buy attractive forms to put our to-do list on,
trying to make it more inviting. We can color code our lists, give ourselves
treats, and even have a friend or colleague attempt to hold us accountable.
Procrastination is one of the biggest things that hold individuals back from
being their best and doing their work.

You are not alone. Procrastination is a common challenge many of us face,
but the good news is that it’s a habit that can be overcome with the right
tools and techniques.

The average person spends 218 minutes a day procrastinating. 21%
procrastinate daily, 14% rarely procrastinate, and 80-95% of students
procrastinate. 2 out of 10 are chronic procrastinators. Males are more
likely to procrastinate than females. Every day, plenty of people spend an
average of 55 days procrastinating. According to the YouGov poll, people
waste around 79200 minutes or 55 days per year procrastinating.

Listed below are eight things people do to keep from being productive.
61%. Watch TV or movies, 58% Social Media, 46% sleeping, 36% texting or
talking on their phone, 30% hanging out with family or friends,
28% playing games, 21% reading, 8% shopping.

That’s why we are excited to announce our upcoming Procrastination Workshop,
where you’ll learn practical strategies to conquer procrastination and reclaim
control of your time and productivity. This workshop is designed to give you the
insights and skills you need to break free from the cycle of delay and confidently
achieve your goals.