Coaching and Hypnosis

Coaching is a step by step process in which we become collaborative partners. It is not a cookie cutter program but a completely customized program using success driven systems. Hypnosis with a professional is a guided physical relaxation whereby your critical conscious mind relaxes, allowing new, healthy intentions and goals to be delivered to your subconscious mind.

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A cookbook for everyone. Ever feel you need a new "something" to serve your family? Do you have somene who needs to eat GLUTEN FREE? You will find gems for your taste buds even if you are not gluten free. Patty shares her heart, her recipes, her tips and more. You will find a new favoite in one of the 177 recipes in this book. Watch for more recipes to download, meal plans and more.

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Motivational Speaking

Encouraging, challenging, and inspiring - professional coach Patty Pavey is one of the most popular speakers in Indiana! One of her most sought after topics, "Loving Me & Loving Life", includes 18 different topics to empower individuals to make better choices and improve or change their lifestyle for a lifetime. Whether speaking on business or personal topics, Patty addresses her audience in an inspiring, motivational way!

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Our Name

Have you ever gotten so tired of where you were in your life, career, physical health, or a rela­tionship that you have finally said to yourself, TODAY’S THE DAY? I believe most people go through a process in decision making for a change and it usually comes to a point that it is time. Time for a change. When choosing a name for my coaching business I jotted down ideas, car­ried them around with me and shared the ideas with those close to me. I would often pray that a name would “hit” me. One morning I woke up and it was like: “girl, what have you been stew­ing about?” Today is The Day! The day you make a new commitment to this business and to yourself. Today is The Day you use your talents and knowledge with others and help empower others to make better choices to improve their lifestyle. Today is The Day!

Is it your day? Is it time for you to make changes? After working with hundreds of people making changes in their lifestyles I believe the true starting point is when you say to yourself:

Today Is The Day! The day I take control, the day I make changes, The day I siege the oppor­tunity to make me the best me possible.

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Pantry Purge Worksheet

Pantry Purge  

Gluten Free Chocolate Caramel Bars

Looking for a Good Flour Mix?!?

½ c. rice flour (brown) unless I am making a white cake.
¼ c. tapico flour
¼ c. potato starch
2 T. almond flour

I mix this up in triple batches and store in air tight container. It can be used to substitute for flour in most any recipe. Leave the almond flour out if someone is allergic to nuts.

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