Lunch Idea

Here we are in the best time of the year with healthy foods from our great earth.  The tomatoes are fantastic, red and delicious.  The cucumbers are so full of flavor.  Try this simple dish for a lunch to go or a snack in the evening or side dish.  WE love it for all. 
Dice some tomato & some cucumber. (when they are fresh from the garden you can eat the skin!)
add some low fat shredded cheese and some sliced olives.  Add some diced chicken or shrimp if you like.  Toss in some fresh basil and dress with little salt & pepper & vinegar & olive oil…
I am a fan of low fat cheese.  It melts, is flavorful and cuts the fat & calories sometimes in half.  When using fat free cheese it often lacks flavor and does not melt well.  Our bodies need a little fat and fat in some foods like cheese helps us be more satisfied when used in small amounts.
The olives, in moderation, help to reduce belly fat.
AND Tomatoes and Basil just go together all the time….
Send me your best summer low fat recipes and they may make it to this website.
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