Keeping on Track

Keeping a focus daily is often hard to do.  We are bombarded with many things and in many directions at any given time…
Keeping Centered and on task is easier if you declair it first thing in the morning.  This is where the name of my business came from.  “Today’s The Day” is something I say to myself every morning before my feet hit the floor.  As I was trying to come up with a name for my business the thought came to me that at any given moment, somewhere someone is making a decision for a change.  You get up one morning and you have had enough, it is going to change & today is the day.  I imagine each one reading this has had a day like that.
Just a few days ago while working on a project with another business person who had been  in attendance at a meeting where I spoke one morning about “today’s the day” shared with me that after hearing my presentation she started saying “today’s the day” every morning.  During the day when she begins to feel overload and out of focus she reminds herself that TODAY IS THE DAY!  She regains her focus and positive expectation for a positive outcome to her day.
Make everyday a better day by claiming it first thing each morning!
Today is the Day

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