Holiday Bliss or Holiday Distraction

As we move into Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years we often feel frustrated because it seems that we have even more on an already “full” plate. The same things happen to everyone no matter what their chosen career is.

Just as a reminder, you can not save time! You cannot collect it; you cannot place it in a special bank vault. You are only permitted to spend it, wisely or foolishly. You must do something with time. INVEST OR WASTE!

Those around you will always be pulling you off course….you must protect your priorities.

I live and work with lists as many of you do. It is especially important that we have lists now that are separated into: work, family, community, church, personal and other! The “other” category helps you keep a focus on your priorities. If you don’t have a system, it might be time for you to engage in one….or there probably will be loads of wasted time in the next 3 months.

• Avoid Distractions: By having a schedule of projects and a written time line this can help you stay focused and avoid the distractions. One thing I like to use is a timer….give yourself 30 min. to work on a project and work to beat the clock. If the timer goes off you can choose to reset it or move on to another project.
• Schedule Big projects into smaller projects: Mary Kay Ash always said you could eat an elephant one bite at a time!
• Use a plan sheet with a time line in front of your face. If you have to open a computer, find the program and then look at the time line and project points…it will not be TOP OF MIND. Hang something in your office on the wall. Even a card with the dates in your car if you spend a lot of time driving.
• Reward yourself with something healthy for achieving your goals…make them little enough that you can celebrate fairly often, but large enough that you do get things accomplished. Take a day to go shopping, or watch a movie, or get a manicure, or… know what charges your batteries! Have a list to choose from. Have a project buddy and compete in a friendly way. The winner buys the movie tickets.
• Keep daily lists, weekly and monthly, even quarterly. Get the calandor out and make all your personal appointments now for the rest of the year and next year. You know when your hair needs trimmed! Do the same for the regular check ups for the family. Dentist included.
• Use a colored pen or hi-lighter and decide what is most important each day. Not what is urgent, but really important?
• Use specific colors for each member of the family so that their schedule is on the calendar as well. And with one quick look you know who needs you the most.
• Go ahead, call the schools and find out when the dates and times of events are…they have a long range plan and can give you that information.
• If you have children and work from home you might have them pick out something that they want and put the picture up in their room. The deal is that they help you by allowing you to make phone calls or hold your appointments and they get fifty cents or a dollar each time you get your work done because they behaved….they will beg you to go to work, so they can get more money for their goal….
• Get rid of hindrances in your life that are fouling you up. Do it now! Don’t waste a day with regret. When you work with plans it helps you to stay focused and on task. IF someone in your life is a hindrance to getting things done…come up with a signal that you are not available for a friendly conversation…you are working. It might be a sign on the door, it might be something as simple as a wooden spoon in the doorway of a home office that lets the children know you are busy and they can’t come in right now.

If you would like more help with organization and focus on your goals for the rest of the year or for planning next year give me a call for a coaching appointment.

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