Healthy Harmony

How many times have you heard someone suggest to you that you need to have balance in your life?  Balance with your business, your personal life, your spouse, your children, work and play!  I spent many years trying to chase the illusion of balance before it dawned on me that I don’t want to have balance.

I want to have harmony!  Think about it! Balance means equilibrium, having equal weight!   When in life could I ever have everything equal?  To me that sounds like being stagnate.  Things that are stagnate are stinky!  Just shut your eyes and think of a pond, a pond that is green and nasty, it is stagnate. 

If you have been watching the Olympics you have seen some great examples of balance.  These young athletes have “body balance” with an object. They train daily for years to achieve the level of balance to make them successful.  This is not the balance that those well meaning people tried to teach to me.

Harmony on the other hand allows me the freedom and flexibility to feel good about my life, my family and my goals.  Knowing that there will be times that I am working hard, in overdrive to reach a deadline, to complete a project or to get something to the publisher.  Those times are not daily!  Having harmony allows me to have work time, play time, family time, and some personal time.  It does not mean that they are all equal everyday.  The importance to me about harmony is that is lowers my stress level.  It lets me feel good about the time I spend with family, my husband, exercising, reading and working. 

It takes focus to have harmony.  It takes schedules to have harmony.  It takes systems to have harmony.  It takes help to have harmony.  It takes organization to have harmony.  But harmony is the healthy alternative!  Once I envisioned harmony for myself, embraced it and stated working with harmony as my goal life took on a new perspective.  It let me love my life, my family, myself and my work again. 

What does harmony mean to you?

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