Healthy Weekends

How many of you have a challenge each weekend sticking to a good – healthy eating plan?  Why is it that eating healthy during the week can be more disciplined?   (or is it for you?)What do you think makes the difference?
How about exercise?  Are you more likely to exercise during the week or on the weekend?  With the high heat and humidity what kind of exercise do you do to keep in shape? 
Sharing your ideas and concerns will help me prepare a new program to get a “grip on the weekends and vacations”.  Go to REGISTER HERE and leave your comments.
Isn’t it a mind set that keeps one on track or derails one?  One key to keeping a consistent focus on healthy eating especially when trying to lose some weight or maintain your desired weight is to write down what you eat.  Keeping a log in a small notebook will keep you aware of what you are eating.  It makes you more aware to emotional eating and when you are aware you can change.  On the weekends we often have  more snack foods, more friends over and activities that we eat just because.  The notebook gives for focus on a healthy life style.  Having a positive afformation is also helpful.  Try this one out. 
 “I eat to live, not live to eat!”

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