The low-down on The HCG Diet

There are many diets today. From drinking pre-packaged beverages, eating bars, eating one food, strict menus, purchasing pre-packaged meals etc., etc., etc.

By now you all know that my programs at Today’s The Day Coaching & Hypnosis are focused on empowering you to make better choices to improve your lifestyle for a lifetime. And while I don’t promote specific diets , the HCG diet is one that regularly makes the rounds. So I’m providing you the following information that you may find helpful. This article was written several years ago by Josh Bezoni, and I think his explanation continues to be worth reading. 

What Is The HCG Diet?

This diet was fairly popular in the 1950s until it became clear that there was insufficient evidence to support using HCG for fat loss. As with most fad diets, the HCG Diet has resurfaced and makes some pretty outlandish claims. Many of the products declare that the diet will “reset your metabolism”, change “abnormal eating patterns” and result with a “loss of 1-2 pounds per day.”

HCG is a hormone produced in women by the placenta during pregnancy. HCG is sold as a prescription drug approved by the Food & Drug Administration for various medical conditions including the treatment of female infertility (but not weight-loss). The diet requires a daily injection of this hormone along with a scary obligation to eat a very low calorie diet of ONLY 500 CALORIES A DAY!

Why Do People Lose So Fast?

In short, people are actually losing twenty pounds and more per month because they are starving themselves! If you stop eating, you will likely drop weight quickly no matter what you are injecting into your body.

It’s insane really… it will cost you hundreds of dollars a month and the real secret to this diet is… starvation. You don’t have to pay for that… you can starve yourself free of charge.) (Which I don’t recommend, unless you want to do serious, long-term damage to your metabolism.)

The HCG label actually states, there “is no substantial evidence that it increases weight-loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or ‘normal’ distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.”

Is It Safe?

No matter your size, that level of calorie restriction is severe and does not lack consequences. These include, but are not limited to, gallstone formation, irregular heartbeat, vitamin & mineral deficiency and electrolyte imbalance. This means that the HCG diet is not only unhealthy, it’s hazardous.

Keep in mind that following this diet will give you an increased risk of headaches, blood clots, restlessness and depression. In addition, the HCG can give you pregnancy-like symptoms, such as water retention, breast tenderness and swelling. And finally, HCG can also cause a condition called OHSS, or ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, which is potentially life-threatening.

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