Is it sometimes a struggle to be ever present at work?

Is it often difficult to keep healthy habits, working, and raising a family?

Do you wish you could strategize and create systems that would free you from the “if only’s”?

Do you wish you could change a behavior like a craving or quit smoking?

Do you have a home based business and find it hard to work with out distractions?

Do you need a system to be organized and on task?

Do you have a dream of a new position in your company?

Do you skip lunch for working and then gorge on anything you can get your hands on as soon as you get home?

Do you drive through the drive thru to grab something quick, knowing it is full of fat and sugar?

Do you struggle with tight fitting clothes and hate to go shopping because nothing fits well?

Has your doctor suggested you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, or go gluten free?

Would you like to quit smoking but you fear weight gain?

Coaching is a process, a journey and it can help you respond to any of the above and more.  

Coaching is a step by step process in which we become collaborative partners. It is not a cookie cutter program but a completely customized program using success driven systems. There is a program just for you, with options based on your personal needs. The programs include personal and group coaching, accountability, training and resources. My coaching programs are for people like you who are committed to making positive lifestyle changes and making them permanent. Call me for a get acquainted session.  My coaching is driven by your needs.

Some of my packages include hypnosis to help you maintain the changes you would like to make along with coaching.

All coaching is:

  • confidential.
  • personalized, based on what your needs are.
  • customized to fit your needs.
  • available to individuals, groups, and businesses.

Call for information or a 30 min. session to see if you are a good candidate for a coaching program.

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