Business Coaching

Today is the day to transition to the business you truly want.

business coaching by TTDDo you want to increase profits and drive results for your business? Would you like to take your business in a new direction or to the next level? Do you feel like you are alone in your field and need someone to hash out ideas with? Do you want to work smarter with a clear mission and effective processes?

Business coaching can help you stay focused in your business achieving growth and harmony with your goals. Patty Pavey helps her clients to set both short and long term goals, implement action plans, monitor progress in goal attainment, and develop strategies to utilize her clients’ strengths most effectively. All of these together maximize the clients’ potential to achieve desired outcomes. 

  • business mentoring
  • leadership skills
  • productivity
  • time management
  • planning and organization
  • stress reduction

Private one-on-one business coaching involves personal, confidential sessions with Patty Pavey. Whether on the phone or in person, your time together can provide the motivation and accountability to set and achieve work-related goals. Call (765) 985-9786 to schedule a 30-minute FREE “get acquainted” session with Patty to experience what it can be like.





Group workshops offer professionals the opportunity to focus on their business-related challenges with Patty and a small group.





 Hypnosis is a guided physical reaction whereby your critical conscious mind relaxes, allowing new, healthy intentions and goals to be delivered to your subconscious mind. Combined with professional coaching, hypnosis is a natural and effective tool that leads to lasting behavioral change. Read more about hypnosis

“Coaching provides a positive connection — a supportive relationship — between the coach and the person who wants to make a change. That connection empowers the person being coached to recognize and draw on his or her own innate ability and resource to make lasting changes for better health and well-being.” – Anne Helmke at the National Wellness Institute