When breakfast is skipped it will set you up for a day with less energy, less focus and over eating.  It is important to feed the fire so to speak.  You have been sleeping and have gone several hours without eating.  Within 30 to 45 minutes of getting up it is recommended that you eat breakfast.  Having some protein & some complex carbs  will get you through the morning with a clear head, energy and focus needed.  The protein will help curb the hunger pains that often temp you to reach for the sweet treats at the office.  And your body will be working to utilize the carbs for the energy.  It does not have to take a long time to fix a full breakfast.  A low fat, low sugar smoothie is easy to “blend up” and run out the door.  Fruit and cheese, even a quick egg on a whole wheat English muffin is quick.  Watch out for large amounts of sugar and fat in many of the so called breakfast bars…..they sound good, they taste good, but will not look so good added to your hips and waist.

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