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My experience with Food & Nutrition began as a child who loved to cook and loved to eat! In the 6th. grade I was extremely overweight. I grew up on a farm in Howard County. We had big meals. We ate out only one time a week but we had fried food, baked goods and as children we had to clean our plates, there were children in Africa who didn’t have food to eat. (To this day, I have not figured out how me not cleaning my plate would help those children.)

There came a day that I said to myself: Today Is The Day! The day I get my weight off and have a life as a teenager that would be fun, shopping for cute clothes and being able to participate in more activities. I started learning about health and nutrition and continued through school earning a Masters Degree attending Purdue and Ball State as a student of education focused on nutrition. My graduate thesis was written on Teenage Obesity.

I taught Vocational Home Economics for 8 years. I love to cook, try new recipes and to adjust recipes to be more nutritious while creating some of my own recipes for healthy dishes. In the process of recipe development my husband and family have sometimes said: “a keeper” or not!

After teaching I decided to use my engineering graphics background and had a business designing as a Certified Kitchen & Bath designer. I loved the creativity while working with clients, some of you reading this may have had a kitchen designed by me. While coaching & training in the design field I was introduced to Mary Kay Cosmetics. While in Mary Kay Cosmetics I enjoyed 20 years as a Director coaching & training.

By a twist of fate I was introduced to a course for Health Coaching.

I found it brought me full circle–back to the day I said: Today’s The Day!

Today I coach individuals, groups, businesses and families. I work with highly focused individuals who are committed to making a lasting change to improve their lifestyles. While offering business & health coaching I find most clients are busy individuals dedicated to their businesses and families while desiring change.

I currently write an article for the Perspective Newspaper in Kokomo. I have written programs, presented at seminars & workshops and love being a guest speaker. It has been an honor being featured multiple times in a Health Coaching newsletter.

I believe in a Balanced Life Style and coach accordingly. I believe everyone can be encouraged with new thoughts, new ideas and sometimes just a smile or word of encouragement. I believe to make changes we have to change the files of our mind to accept new options and choices.

As a Certified Hypnotist I work with individuals to reach their desired level of change. Making change is not easy, it takes courage. You will make mistakes, you will fall off your course, you will have questions and frustrations. It is a process, a journey and I welcome you to share the journey of Living a Lean Lifestyle with me.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact us for a 30-minute FREE “get acquainted” session with Patty to experience what it can be like. (Fill in all the information in the “contact us” section and in the “comments” ask for the 30 min. FREE get acquainted session. Include the best time to contact you.
Your Coach, Patty Pavey

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