5 Gluten-Free Basics

1. Always read the labels. Don’t eat foods with labels that list questionable ingredients unless you can verify they do not contain or are not derived from prohibited grains. And just because what you purchased before was gluten free does not mean it is this time. Manufactures change ingredients. Read the label each time you choose a food. Call the manufacture to ask if possible. Go on line to their website and ask. Write a letter. Be specific and patient. Most manufactures today want to be helpful when it comes to gluten free.

2. Be informed when eating out. Many restaurants are now listing gluten-free items on site. If not listed send them an email and ask. Remember to ask about any seasonings or spice blends used in preparation. If a restaurant can not answer my questions or acts as if it is not a big deal I simply do not eat there. If you are in a restrant simple ask to speak to the chef. It is amazing to me that so many waiters and waitresses do not know what gluten free is. Several chain restaurants are now able to give you a gluten free menu if you ask for one.

3. When invited to an event always ask who is catering the event. Call them and let them know you will be in attendance and need to eat gluten free. They are usually grateful you let them know and more than likely they will take great care of you.

4. If going to a dinner theater be sure to ask about gluten free. It is surprising how many are now serving gluten free meals and are quite anxious to be sure you are taken care of with a gluten free meal. Just recently I made reservations to Medieval Times and they were helpful with a vegetarian meal or gluten free…but you do have to ask.

5. When in doubt, Go without! Always carry a GF bar or nuts or something you can eat while at an event or eating out. It is never worth being sick to eat


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